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Hi! I’m Mary Kate Daly! If you’re looking to learn about living, leading, and making the most out of life and career, you’ve come to the right place. I feel passionately about sharing my experiences to help others grow personally and professionally.

mary kate daly

I love serving three types of communities where I have knowledge and experience to help them collectively and individually improve. If this is a fit for you, please contact me, as I would love to work with you! I am more than just a coach and facilitator – I work full time in commercial real estate redevelopment and am a former civil engineer, so I put these practices to implementation on an every day basis, not just in theory.

  • Sorority chapters and campus groups with a desire to connect collegiate life to a broader picture of having impact on life and career well beyond college. Use your recruitment, philanthropy, and scholarship experience for decades to come as you lay the early foundation for career success.  In fall 2018, my first book is being released. It is geared toward women collegians and young alumnae who want to use their sorority experience to advance career opportunities.
  • Individual women who are unsure of and uneasy with their career progress and prospects, and would like to explore growing, learning, and transitioning to new directions.
  • Groups of college students and young professionals who are eager for a new perspective on early career success and defining values and meaning with that success.

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