Get to Know Me!

“You’re an engineer with a personality,” one of my colleagues once told me. But if YOU want to get to know me, the short story is that I like to make a positive impact in the world around me.

The reason I started this blog is to help career-focused women in their own quest to make a mark in the world. Even with all of the drive I had in my early career, I could have used some extra advice and guidance. So while this blog is full of my lessons learned and advice to a younger me, it is also advice to help you accelerate the achievement of your dreams.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the dream job or next promotion, because that is on you. If you combine what you read with a little elbow grease and confidence, I know you can make it happen!

One of my specialties related to career success is leveraging sorority experience. Even if you are not a sorority woman, there are lessons that apply to you and skills you can develop to improve your abilities. My book Greek Letters to Career Ladders is coming out this Fall 2018 for those sorority women seeking to grow their careers – keep an eye out and get yourself and a sister a copy!

I get to incorporate my love of the built environment and real estate in my day job as a “redeveloper” – I focus on existing buildings and make the experience of living in them even better. Career transitions helped get me here, including starting as a consulting engineer for facility management clients, then as an aviation civil engineer designing runways and overseeing reconstruction of an active airport, then in construction project management working to build a corporate headquarters, a Thai Buddhist Temple, and a collegiate arts center.

Check out the other sections of the website to learn more about my volunteering, speaking, and honors and awards. And please reach out if you see an opportunity for me to help you via coaching, planning, consulting, speaking, or facilitating!