5 Goals to Achieve Balance and Success

5 goals for balance and success

Planning, whether it be a wedding or goal setting, is something I love to do. Since what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done, it is imperative to track what it is I am planning, so that I know my execution is getting me what I had intended it to bring (on schedule, on budget!). When I was preparing for field hockey double sessions in college, I had 12 workouts each week set up and dutifully completed. The tired satisfaction each day was in making the check mark(s) next to each work out and highlighting yellow.  I was never the fastest on my team, but at the least always in great shape and ready to go.


I was too cool to set any new year resolutions this past January (or too busy getting ready for the wedding and honeymoon later in the month). I’m a believer that RIGHT NOW is the best time to start doing anything. No waiting until tomorrow, or Monday, or exactly July 1 to set my “rest of the year goals”. Of course, I’l check in myself more regularly, but don’t need to report out to all of you each and every detail. Since the concept of “Live, Work, Play” has been sweeping the nation in recent months and years in real estate and worlds beyond, I’ll divide my goal categories into each of those topics.  



  1. Stick to healthy habits that bring happiness. There are a few distinct healthy habits I aim to concentrate on for both health and happiness.  I focus on these four after years of research, doubting my own worth, doing too little or too much of something, or focusing on the wrong end goal in mind. I’ve been on a search for happiness for a number of years, and recently it clicked that happiness is about loving who you are, being grateful for what you have, and eliminating comparison to others. This realization brought peace to my life to replace impatient and jealous angst. It helped me to be chipper and cheerful on both inside and outside. Health is a lifelong pursuit, and one we can never give up on if we hope to lead a good, complete, and happy life.
    1. Sleep. Back in high school I was an advocate for changing the school start time, but didn’t get my campaign past writing a few letters and emails. Unfortunately, in college and a number of years later I forgot why sleep was so important, and it dragged me down. Exhausted, I wasn’t the real me, I wasn’t productive, and I wasn’t capable of all that I could accomplish.  My goal now is to get a minimum of seven hours each night, with an average meeting or bettering 7.5 hours over each week.
    2. Exercise. While I don’t participate in sports competitively anymore (maybe I should get back to that!), I need exercise to be part of my life.  Not only great for the heart, bones, and muscles, exercise is great for my brain and my soul as a form of relaxation and stress relief. Exertion doesn’t seem logical for relaxation, but pushing forward on an erg, run, walk, or even challenging myself with certain yoga poses, allows my brain to focus and escape simultaneously. When I’m done, I am often filled with pride, joy, and excitement.  There’s always the adage that you never regret a workout.
    3. Practical eating. No. Diets. Ever. Again. The philosophy is to eat what nourishes and fuels when hungry. I do track my eating to help me make smart choices, but I don’t want food to be a stressor or the enemy or the way to find stress relief.  Food powers my mind and body so I can accomplish great things, or just get through a day. Food is not an effective stress relief, and cutting back even saves money!
    4. Self-care and relaxation. If I need to stare at the ceiling, I give myself the time to stare at the ceiling. Same goes for naps, or vegging out to Red Sox baseball or a couple episodes of whatever is on HGTV, or reading fiction set in Nantucket. I have a poor history when it comes to understanding when and how to relax, and through my own turn of thought and the patient support of my husband, I’ve come to a much better acceptance of the importance of doing nothing. Watching my dogs relax is a nice reminder to slow down and give myself a break.



  1. Finish two collaborative projects at work successfully. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by coworkers who are talented, smart, fun, and dedicated success.  With these two projects underway, as complicated and intensive as they are, we are are all dependent on each other for flawless, professional execution to add value and improve the lives of our residents. So far, so good on these two particular projects. If we can continue as we’ve processed to date, it would be two huge successes to wrap up by year’s end.  
  2. Kick off another renovation project. I’m currently in planning stages on another project and can’t wait to get sign off and get to execution. There’s a lot of work ahead of me but I thrive in bringing teams together toward a shared goal and driving to stay on schedule. I get to work with a lot of the same great people on this and even a few colleagues for the first time.



  1. Publish my first book or ebook. I’m writing a book in what spare time I have. The book is geared toward sorority women in college and those out of school up to five years, so it is certainly not intended for everyone. Since the days of first using reading as an escape and entertainment option, the concept of writing my own book has been exciting to me.  We’ll see how this first one goes before writing any others, but it is an exciting side project and prospect to be a published author (even if it is self-publishing). The world is a different place now to be able to bring your message to the world without the filter of a publisher, and writing or publishing a book is achievable by anyone willing to put in the book – hopefully this will be an enjoyed and helpful book to those who read it!  I’m looking for an editor, so if you or someone you know specializes in that work it would be great to learn more about the services offered!
  2. See friends and family regularly and continue to make new connections. My goal is to stay better in touch with those I love, and I will achieve this by reaching out to at least one person each day, whether by text or a call, to see how they are, have some laughs or give support, and maybe even plan a get together. For connections with new people, my goal is to attend at least one networking event each month. This not only keeps me better educated about what is going on in the real estate world, but allows the opportunity to meet new people and make new connections. I love my job and company and boss and coworkers, so am not looking for a new position, but as an extrovert I get my energy from other people and networking is a productive, social, and educational way to do that.


So there it is!  Five goals to work toward to help me maintain balance and achieve success in all areas of my life. How are your goals progressing from New Year’s, and are you re-setting for the second half of the year? What prevents you from succeeding at what you want? Would you need help goal setting?

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