Business Travel Battle: Planes vs. Trains Between Boston and New York

20170622 - Business Travel Batlle.png

It always seemed like a luxury that my dad got to stay in hotels and fly in planes all the time for work that included extensive travel.  It certainly made family vacations much cheaper with him earning hundreds of thousands of points over the years.

When I started my own travel for work, I had the opportunity to decide how to get to where I needed to be on Long Island several times each month.  Since I am a person who suffers from frequent exhaustion, I am, at my sister’s request, not one to take long car rides without accompaniment. Since my husband, friends, and family all have their own jobs, no one will come with me and I need to find another option. Flights and train rides between Boston and New York are the best options other than driving, plus you don’t have to deal with highway traffic, unpredictable accidents, and weather issues in the northeast. What you get instead is air traffic control tower issues, trains on the same track running behind schedule, delays due to weather in other cities, and runway construction.  But isn’t it amazing how we can lift up in the air or speed on miles of two metal “strips”? How did we live without trains and planes?!

I frequently get asked if I prefer one the train over the plane or vice versa. I usually hem and haw and think about how my most recent trip was before deciding to recommend one or the other. Now, instead, I’ll look at 10 key factors that go into my travel to thoroughly investigate which of the plan or train travel I truly prefer.

20170622 blog post train plane comparison


With a record of 5 wins, 2 losses, and 3 ties, the train is the winner in this unscientific survey that did attempt to be unbiased going in. Since I have already earned status with Amtrak and likely will hit Select Plus, I need an opportunity to use my points for fun! Hopefully this summer or fall my husband and I will ride down to Washington DC for a long weekend to explore our nation’s capital, including a meet up with my brother and sister in law from Baltimore. Of course, we will be on the Acela! Maybe I’ll hit up NYC for a fun weekend and stay somewhere outside Penn Station for once. There is a good chance I also hit status on JetBlue, and hopefully those points and status will pay off at a later date also. Work travel does have its benefits!

What do you think?

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