How 9 Women Inspired My Career


thank you reservoir

I might be late to the party on International Women’s Day, but I want to take the (belated) occasion to thank the women in my career who have helped to mold and shape me. I’ve been lucky to have be influenced by incredible women, considering I’ve been in male dominated industries my whole career. This is by no means an exhaustive list of every woman who has made an impact on my life, but a thank you to those who have become friends and mentors and were inspirations at key points in my career.

  1. Jody – The negatives don’t get anything accomplished. It is important to focus on the end result and goals to drive self and others to a solution.
  2. Janice – You taught me the importance of flexibility, patience, and being true to your own style of working with others can be effective in getting the job done.
  3. Angie – I learned that having personality and fun at work was in all reality a better thing than being “only professional” all the time.
  4. Rebecca – The transition post-college was difficult, but you challenged me to be great and taught me the basics for successful project management.
  5. Sarah DL –  Your attention to detail made your projects successful, and you kept others accountable for their own work because one person can’t do everything.
  6. Sarah AI – The work will always be there, but the fun times should have room both in the schedule and on spontaneous occasions.
  7. Alicia – You made me realize how important it was to have friends at work, for both the good times and the bad times.
  8. Janine – You let nothing stand in your way of proving yourself and exhibit perseverance in everything you do.
  9. Krystal – The power of friendship transcends industry lines. We’ve been at key points in career trajectory at similar times, and to have the closeness with someone who understands the ups and downs with little detailed explanation is comforting. You’ve helped me sort through some of the existential questions like “what do I want to do?” with clarity to find happiness at work.

Thank you to all of you for your belief in me – I am beyond thankful you all popped into my life!

I’m holding off on highlighting the women who impact me in my current role because I am quite fortunate to have numerous amazing women to work with. My mother deserves a post of her own someday!

Who are the women in your life who have positively impacted your career?


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